Diary of a Madman


Thoughts on music.

The Comedown Years 1989 – 1991

I’m sipping coffee out of a Moomin mug. Regular off the shelf filtered coffee, no pour over hipster shit. It’s fuel, not a performance enhancer, a necessity. Humanity has evolved. You do not need to manually pour hot water over those carefully ground beans. People have spent years and years perfecting a machine that will do it for you. If you want to geek out and go deep for an average cup of Joe 8 to 10 times a day, go ahead, have...

David Crosby – Thousand Roads (1993)

I’m listening to the album Thousand Roads by David Crosby released in 1993. This is such a sleeper. From the opening track “Hero” featuring Phil Collins as both performer, co-writer and producer to the final track “Natalie” written by the very talented Stephen Bishop, this album is filled with interesting songs. David Crosby isn’t much of a songwriter himself, in my opinion, but he really shines when gifted...

I Swear

I finally decided to do a cover of the song “I Swear” made famous by the R&B group All-4-One in 1994. I opted to stay away from the slightly hairy upper lip look, muted earthy toned hooded jacket and sad-fit jeans style which can be seen in the accompanying video which illustrates color grading gone wrong on a whole other level only surpassed by CSI Miami. The song was originally written by Gary Baker and Frank J. Myers and...

Diary of a Madman